Tuesday, July 1, 2008

~Listen by Beyonce~

Have been listening to this song again and again. Beyonce, a very familiar name. First impression for her, hot and sexy.. First impression for this song, nice, nice and nice, with powerful voice.
I don't know why, this song is rilly, rilly, rilly nice. I'm addicted to it. Well, the lyrics doesn't impress me much, but her voice..Fuhyuh..and damn when i search for more pictures to be put on this post, i realized this girl is really really sweeeeeeeeeeeeet...OMG, i'm in love with her right now, right away!!

I can't describe it with words now. Listen to it, and you'll know what i'm talking about.

Some part of her looks like J Lo, some part of her looks like Mariah Carey, and I don't care who she looks like, she's just so sweet. :)

::kuanru:: signing off *listen by beyonce*

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