Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~Thanks for E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.~

I've met alot of people. Different types of people. Each of them i believe wears a mask to hide their hideous self, to get acceptance from others. I can't deny that, most of the time, i do wear masks. Infront of different people i wore different mask to portray myself. Sometimes, i get tired and i even wondered, who am i actually. Is this what i want? Why should i hide myself from them? Why should i be afraid of them? I have what they have, i might have more than they do. People influence people. Thats what the world is all about. I've learnt a lesson that never trust someone so easily. The one that you trust the most hurts you most deeply. Some people might twist the fact infront of you and infront of others, if you all get what i mean..

Anyway, there's this someone i would like to thank. I really appreciate him for coming into my life. Tho' there're lots of misunderstanding every now and then, lots of tears, sadness and dissapointments, but when i look back, it's just a minor problem and shouldn't fuss about it. I even felt that i'm so childish for behaving as such. He had been so, so patient to me.

Infront of him, i'm me. just me.
Infront of him, i don't have to wear on the mask.
Infront of him, i can talk about everything. Everything that i want to.
He knows me very well. I heart him. Really..

Will miss you.. ~ Thank you for being such a darling!! ~

::kuanru:: signing off *i heart jay*

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