Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~ I need to breath!! ~

My time was so pack!! Although internship is over, but why, still, 24 hours is not enough for me? I'm squeezing my brain juice for final reports. Sigmund Freud, I need you now!!! Oh, how i miss you so much. Haven't been listening to this name for quite sometimes. Kinda return the theories to the lecturers. Pages and pages of words from work to be typed out, need it in two days time. Final reports and work clashed. Which one should i complete first? Both are equally urgent. And, and, and, i'm going back on Wednesday!! Can i manage to finish it before then? Argh..... Dear God, please give me more time!! Or maybe, i need Time Management Courses.

FYI, I'm now at UTAR ICT. Oh, how i miss this place so much. Being in this icy cold room, i realize i haven't been here for months. I haven't been crapping with friends for weeks. Can't wait for next semester.

And, and, and.... Mooncake festival is around the corner. The moon will be very bright and round by then, and the diametre of my face is growing along with the shape of the moon, rounder and rounder. Stop asking me out for supper, Mr. I can't stand it anymore. I'm feeling my weight. I can't walk!! I even can see my cheek as i look down. Shit...i gain 3kg..!! I'm going to start a diet plan!!

::kuanru:: signing off *wish me luck*

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