Monday, September 1, 2008

~ Updates ~

I haven't been update as frequent as before. I KNOW !!! Because:

Lappie breakdown. Viruses, worms, bacteria...
Lack of time. 24 hours per day isn't enough for me. I need more minutes..
Out of Ideas
Lots of excuses..this is me....
During internship, especially August, i don't know when is weekends and when is weekdays, pathetic isn't it? Haven't had a good rest until today, which is a holiday, i can sleep as long as i want to, but too bad, because of my so-call-biological-clock, cause me to wakeup automatically at 8am. Ergh.. What am i going to do so early in the morning?
Anyway, this lady here is going back't wait to sleep on a bed again...i heart home <3
I'll stop here. Lots of clothes to be wash. It's a sunny today, Hallelujah...
::kuanru:: signing off

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