Friday, October 10, 2008

~ Buh-rit-ney ~

I was listening to From the Bottom of My Broken Heart by Briney Spears just now. I haven't listen for this song for ages. Remember how we (me and my sis) were crazy about her last time. I think that was 9 or 10 years back then, or may be longer. We used to make scrapbooks all about her. Talking about scrapbooks, i have to find it out.
She was so sweet yet sexy, and her songs were so, so.....( what is the word to describe?good? better than good?)

And then, there's this Christina Aguilera. People used to compare the both of them. And so do we *paiseh*. Thinking back, i still don't know what are people comparing about, both of them were two dif-fe-rent people lor...haih..

Britney's song during her early era is really chun..should have bought her album..i think they still sold it right? I'm gonna get it...


See?? Isn't she sexy??

More of her...

Ohh..i'm starting to love her again.... XD XD

::kuanru:: signing off

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