Sunday, October 19, 2008

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Argh.. So EMO!! I also don't know what am i so emo about.

Classes had started. This semester's timetable, i don't know who arranged it, i don't know why it was arranged this way, which i don't really like, especially the Tuesday class. Walao@, have to wait whole day for the 6:30pm class, the one and only class for that day. What am I going to do before that? somemore 6:30pm, when i reach campus/school, which i prefer to call it a school, people were walking out from whatever school or campus, you name it, only us were walking TOWARDS. However, however, night classes were not that bad tho', to the extend that transports were provided. Eh-hem..

Well..I don't know what am i suppose to write about..I've been out of topic like almost one month..

Ahh, Suddenly i know what makes me so emo. I'm not suppose to make it clear here, in case i might offend that somebody. Which that the somebody really makes me angry, and wtf, i don't think she knew that. Sometimes, some people come to you when they need something, and smack their ass and went off when they don't need you. Hmm...This, my friend, is call SELFISH...Arghh..

And guess what, have read an article with the title "150 Reasons Why 'I' Love 'U'" which i think was cute. 'I' here refers to a male, and 'U' here refers to a female, and hence, obviously, this article was written by a guy. :) it was swweet, and i think this may win the girl's heart. Good Luck

::kuanru:: signing off

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