Friday, November 28, 2008

~ A Pampered Me ~

A Dazzling Christmas, at Sunway Pyramid, and i've witnessed the 'dazzling-ness' of the Christmas there. I love Christmas trees, I love santa, and who will be my santa this year, and what will i find in my sock on the Christmas day? I love Christmas carols, I love the atmosphere of Christmas! I love Christmas! It would be better if there's white Christmas in MALAYSIA!!

I have been so pampered lately.

Disney Display at Ara Damansara, Niu Ze Shui; A Dazzling Christmas at Sunway Pyramid. What is on the banner, i'll be there.

But, too bad too bad, my 2.0 megapixels Sony Ericsson can't take nice photos in the dark. So, does this means, i should get myself a new camera? To take down all the sweet memories? And also, does that means, i should get myself a Skinny T? Or Skinny T? (ehhem, notice the colour? This means, for those who are willing to give me one, I would prefer a Pink one or a Green one) *a hint for santa*

Saw Sony Vaio yesterday (and again, notice the colour). It's now RM3K plus! Ok, i have an Asus now, what for buying a new lappie? Well, for your information, my Asus's cover had broken a little. Ok, it's still usable. It's just a lame excuse to buy a new one. The Angel side of me will say :" Buy, buy, buy..Buy no need MONEY arr? so weired lor me, always want to buy this and that.... and the Evil side of me will say :"......." I don't have evil side, how? Haha..Funny... Ok then, i'll go get it when i got enough money. *another hint for santa*

Lately, i was addicted to pinky stuffs. Since when i become so girlish? For those who know me well, I'm not girlish as in, living like a princess, like xiaxue, everything in pink. But lately, i love pink. Maybe it's because Christmas is near. Ahhh...lame!! And oh ya, i go and get my self a Christian Dior DIORSHOW ICONIC sample last two days. You see? so girlish.. I'm a girl what, acceptable ok??

Both Sony Vaio and Skinny T are very nice loh...Too bad i can't find a pink Skinny T on google.. They are nice in a sense of casing, about the functions, i'm still not sure yet. I know that Skinny T is a touch screen camera, but I don't really fancy touch screen stuff that much, like touch screen phone. Hmm...Will it have a hole in it if you always touch and press on the screen? I wonder.

Anyway, i'm looking forward, and will always look forward, for my dream items. :)

p/s: Year End Sales 29/11/08 till 4/1/09
pp/s: Exams
::kuanru:: signing off *faint*


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-kuanpeng- said...

I want vaio oso.... tell your santa for me..

My good ol' lappie cannot sense wireless... sobz..