Friday, November 28, 2008

~ Those Days.. ~

Was listening to Spice Girls 'The Greatest Collection' these few days. Looking back, Spice Girls was so hot during my Standard Six era, which was more than 10 years ago, no, exactly 10 years ago. You know, when autograph were passed around with poems like 'Roses are red, Pens are blue, I have a friend, My friend is YOU!', and there will be a little Spice Girls' quotes like 'Spice Up Your Life' or a little Spice Girls stickers there on the autograph.

We were so crazy over Spice Girls (and of course other bands which is also hot during that time like Backstreet Boys, 911, etc.). If you never listen to Spice Girls during that time, you will be isolated, or will be an alien, and people will be going like 'What? You never listened to Spice Girls?' or 'What? You don't know Backstreet Boys?' The Moffats? 98 Degrees? so on and so fourth. Groups of girls of five will be calling themselves with Spice Girls names like Emma (Baby Spice), Victoria (Posh Spice), Mel C. (I forgot what spice she is, sorry), Mel B (Scary Spice) and 'Oh, I forgot the name' (Ginger Spice) I guess, who is the first one departed from the group. Oh ya, there's one movie about Spice Girls, i think is Spice World is it? Oh no, I have amnesia or what now? I'm scaring myself out.

OK, move on. Spice Girls were very famous during that time especially around us girls. And we, or maybe I, started to collect Spice Girls stuffs, like stickers, cassettes (FYI, during that time, CD are expensive for me), and i still remember Spice Girls perfume, which i forgot the name, Oh ya, Impulse Spice. Thinkng back, why am I keeping those stuffs? I spend alot on this, mind you.

Well, Spice Girls songs are nice, no doubt, i mean really nice. You won't get bored with their songs, finger cross. With 'Viva Forever' playing on my Media Player repeatedly, i started to reminicing. Oh, what an old lady, you will think. Ok, admit. I am old, already!

It's worth to own a Spice Girls CD tho'. XD

*Spice Girls Reunite*

::kuanru:: signing off *viva forever*

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