Monday, December 1, 2008

~ Angry!! ~

I'm angry!!
I want to flame somebody!
I want to kill somebody!
I want to chop somebody's 'male's genital organ' (p***s) off!

The story goes like this:

I was waiting for the bus today at the bus stop, and mind you, the bus stop is beside a main road, and mind you again, it's 5:30pm, which means that, after work, and means that many cars passed by. I was there sitting alone waiting for the bus.

And, here comes a motorcycle. He stop by and was talking on the phone. Ok, talking on the phone, none of my business. After 10 minutes, still haven't left yet. 15 minutes, still on the phone..fine...from the corner of my eyes, i sense that something's wrong.. I can feel that he was looking at my direction.. Dun care, people talking on the phone, his business, maybe he wasn't looking at me, he's looking behind me. why must I care so much. Okaaayyy...

And, when i look at his direction, his hand was moving up and down, at his 'private' part.. you must be asking, 'how come you look at his there'..excuse me, this guy is freaking me off and i'm alone during that time..i accidently saw his f***'g L**C***!! I'm not wearing sexy outfit ok, a tee and jeans, and somemore sport shoes. What the hell on earth turn him on. FUCK!

I quickly jumped up to stop a texi, and he just chickened off..Maybe he thought that i stand up to chop his 'baby' off. I was so, so, pissed off!! Do you have other word to describe angry and pissed off?

To this Malay guy on the bike:
I'm not interested on your f'g BIRD ok!!??!! Go far far away to do your business. If I see you (or any others doing the same thing) again, I'll chop it off!! I really will CHOP it off..and u'll go bird-less for the rest of your life.

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

Aiyerrrr.... get out of there!!!!!!!!

Gonna buy you an electrical stick thingy for you ady.. shock his birdbird for goodness sake!!!!!

Keep safe ya lulu...


kuanru said...

oh ya....thanks ya..lookin forward for the shopping