Friday, December 5, 2008

~ Love from a FRIEND of mine ~

While i was arranging the photos in my lappie, i found this pic, which i had forgotten to blog about.

This pic was edited by this fella, named cassandra a.k.a shujuan a.k.a cassandra juan, which i don't know how to introduce her to everybody. I wonder how long did she took to crop out my body in each photos. Hmmm.. She sent me this on my birthday.. I know it was months ago, but nothing is too late right? This picture shows that we have been together since first year, first semester in my uni life. I witnessed her hair from long and curly, till long and straight, and then now short and straight.

My first impression for her was, this girl, is she a malay or not? she speaks chinese? or should i talk to her in english? When i first met her, she was cool. I was worried wether i can break the ice between us two. In our first group discussion, she seldom speaks. After when I knew her just a little longer, take note, just a little longer, and until now, we talk alot of crap. Whole loads of crap. No kidding. Sometimes, she can talk almost everything, from a to z.

The nicest part of all is, she was always there for me whenever i need her. She knows everything about me, is it 'everything'? Hmm..well almost everything. And, she is willing to share. I turn to her when i was helpless, and this girl, i don't know whether she is a god or what, whatever she says, heals my heartache. You see?

We will be graduating soon. Will we be meeting again after that? Will we still have alot to chat about during our reunion dinner or gathering? Will there be any gathering after that at the first place? How will life be without you? What will you look like in your thirties?

Dear God, thanks for sending her to me, who makes my uni life colorful. And, for your information, she's the only girl that is willing to share some 'nasty' jokes with me in uni. She can makes me laugh whole day!! I really don't want to see her sad, and may she live in joy and happiness for the rest of her life.

Thanks girl, for everything XD

::kuanru:: signing off *friends forever*


Raymond Choo said...

"My first impression for her was, this girl, is she a malay or not? she speaks chinese? or should i talk to her in english? "

i tot ppl only have this problem when meet me.. look like thr is another person share the same fate..

It s a bless to have a nice friend to share everything in our life..

kuanru said...

hehe..yalor..if u 1 2 share nything i also can lend u my ear de..:) take care