Thursday, December 4, 2008

~ Simply Enough ~

I can't sleep, i can't sleep. I'm having insomnia. How? The sky is getting brighter and brighter. I'm still wide awake. But my eyes are tired. There are millions of things running in my mind. I have to solve it!!

Need a break, need a break, have some kitkat, have some nescafe. Finals are always the case, Insomnia. Am I just worrying about finals or other thing else?

#1. I miss home. I want to go home.
Oh ya, for your information, i'm gaining weight AGAIN!!! how can I? Mum, you'll be surprise with my super round face now. I don't even like to take pictures because of my round face. XD XD

#2. Hair cut.
I've got to have my hair cut before new year, because during that time, everything will be very expensive. Therefore, maybe this weekend or next, i'll visit the saloon. Any suggestion on where to have my hair cut? quite worried sometimes to let someone i don't really know to cut my hair.

#3. Can't think of any.
I've my brain clogged. Help!!! my brain is not functioning. maybe they're asleep. Better get back to bed before my alarm rings.

Good night

::kuanru:: signing off *simply enough*


Gan said...

jia you jia you!!! u can do it!!!

kuanru said...

Thanks :)