Sunday, January 11, 2009

~ A Lucky Me ~

How is it possible to have someone like him to treat me like this?

I'm not going to haolian every details ablut how this somebody treat me. He's just so... I don't know how to describe, but he just understand me too well in such a short time!! he knows what i'm thinking every single time until it started to freak me out, wether he had a CCTV near me, or everywhere i go, or what, and i know, it is impossible. Even we're apart, he knows what I want. Is it i'm showing what i want on my face or what? I'll take all this as a good sign. At least, I don't have to tell him what I'm thinking and my worries every now and then. The concerns he had show, i never felt everything like this before! He is giving me spaces to grow, to be mature, in a way that he is not overprotected, but in the same time, he is protecting me. You see, haolian again. I know, I'll stop to haolian after this sentence: I'm so lucky!!! XD

Okay, end.

::kuanru:: signing off

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