Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~ It was you!! ~

Because of you...

After sometimes of being with him, i learnt alot. From daily life to businesses, from businesses to the reality of the world. Lots of things had happened on him, but still, he doesn't think that everything that had happened is a burden for him, for him, it's God's will to let him experience all these. He always tell me not to ask 'why' but 'how'. Don't ask Why it happened, but How to solved it. He always had his point of view. He, is one of the kind of person that doesn't run away from problems. There are alot of times that people would like to run away whenever they faced hiccups in their life. Until i met him, i realize running away is an action of a COWARD!!

Till then.

Oh ya, I've been to Cameron last holidays. yahoo!! It's abit out of topics. I know!! XD
Shall post pictures..

Note to self: Cameron trip

::kuanru:: signing off

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