Friday, February 6, 2009

~ V-day Special ~

Guess what?!!? Valentines day again!! Flowers, bears, chcolates, you name it!! Florists are making big big business, and i guess the sales during this celebration will cover their whole year expenses, true?

Ask me what am i going to do on V-days? I seriously don't know. Maybe some outings or maybe just staying at home.

Candlelight dinner? hope so. With a couple of below will be romantic to the max.

Presents? lots of presents. Yes!! Although it isn't Christmas, i know..

Chocolates? It's okay not to have chocoloates this year. I'M ON DIET!! XD

Flowers? I don't think so. I just got one from him. XD

Bears? Yes!! Big Ones. Which I can hug on every night!! Many bears which i can look this...

So cheap loh....the above one only RM20, last time i see i think RM30 something for a small bouquet.. And look at the big ones, they sell only RM59. So cheap... Guys, if you are interested in the above advertisement, u can email me ya, i'll help you guys to get it. Move fast before while stock last!!!! Girls love presents!!

my email address:

Happy V-days and all the best!!

::kuanru:: signing off

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