Monday, March 9, 2009

~ this was my first time ~

Date : 8th of March, 2009...
Time : 9:30pm, after having a walk at Taman Megah Pasar Malam
Venue : In the car
Feelings: Excited, Nervous, Super-duper HAPPY!!!!

It started off with a bad day, arguments, arguments and arguments, mountains of assignments to be completed within one day, pending fyp result to be analyse and until today, i'm still facing problems with SPSS, but that's not the point.. The point is...

Let the picture do the talking.. XD

~ Did you spot it? ~

Yahooo... Out of a sudden, i'm feeling just so LUCKY!!!! Wahahaha... I wanted to thanks my parents, oh ya, mummy, if you're reading this, i din't buy this everytime ya, don't misunderstood, my someone who help me bought this, to the two car owners who have 3813 as their number plates, and many more... :)

I'm LUCKY!!!!

Dinner time.. chaoz

::kuanru:: signing off


nil said...

you're just so lucky!! I never even get once. :(

-kuanpeng- said...

hur hur hur~~~~~ belanja!!!!

kuanru said...

Thanks nil, your luck wi come one day, and very soon..good uck..XD

kuanpeng: Sushi King..jom...FYI, not much arr, its not like 1k or what,haha...u know the figure..:)