Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~ UTAR, my worst decision EVAH!!! ~

I have had enough for UTAR!!!!

Lame facilities, lousy toilets with shits sometimes, remind me of my kindergarten’s toilet, terrible computer labs with sometimes no aircond, I TAHAN…

Have to pay for the school bus, and mind you, 70cents per ride, to and flo, RM1.40 per day, which I rather wait for public transport or walk, I TAHAN..

Have to walk from blocks to blocks, and FYI, blocks to blocks here isn’t near, it’s like from one end of the road to the other end of the road, which takes about 10minutes walk, I TAHAN..

Library with limited resources and yet, so far, which located at another end of a short road, I TAHAN…

Study in factories, I TAHAN…

But today, I beh tahan….

My pendrive was burn because of UTAR’s computer!!!!!

Shouldn’t you tell us to save our data before you ask the technicians to repair the electricity? Shouldn’t you close the ict lab temporarily if you are expecting a technician? Don’t you know that there will be a teeneetiny possibility that there will be a short circuit? You’re a complete idiot if you don’t know this..MahaiCCB

See? My data gone. Who is going to take this responsibility? I’ve FYP and assignment dateline due this week, and it’s on Friday..FYP, Journals, Assignments, Photos, Songs, GONE!!!! CB

Someone will say that, people will never be satisfied. True.. The only thing that I’m satisfy with UTAR is because I make friends there, and met some wonderful lecturers.. other than that? NO WAY!!

I’m pissed off…

::kuanru:: signing off

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