Monday, March 2, 2009

~ What to do? ~

First of all, photos!!! Haven't been uploading photos for months. These were taken ages ago during the trip to cameron. Thanks to that someone. He doesn't allow me to post his photo, so that's it, only me.. There are more, but, i'm just too lazy and i've lotz of things to do okay? XD

Midterm AGAIN tomorrow, 8am, WTF, so early, and one more this coming Friday. Assignments dateline is in like one or two weeks time, FYP draft submission is also around that time. I'm going crazee.... How come study can't be more interesting? Haven't they got anything more interesting for us to do? You may ask, if not stuy, then what? working? shaking legs?

True, if not study, what am i going to do?

This question have been 'dancing' in my head since the beginning of the semester, and my mum is 'forcing' me with questions like 'what's your plan if not continue your master?', 'do you still want to continue your studies at Australia?', then if i say no, this is the answer i'll get, 'why not?', or 'go la, to see another world'. Ya, true, to further study overseas is really a good opportunity, but, there are reasons i don't want to go there Alone!! 1. Homesickness. I've serious homesick even at KL, what more, Australia. I need two years to overcome my homesickness, and i still get it once in awhile, especially lately. 2. I want to earn my own to go to study overseas. 3. I seriously don't like text books and I hate studies.

You may ask, then how?

I answer, I don't know!! I seriously don't know!! Just bare with me okay. I'm stress all over. Can I just think about this matter after i finish all my assignments, FYPs and Finals? Friends around me are busy looking for job recruitment section of The Sun, sureying through jobstreet, interview, this and that... They are creating more stress!! just feel like locking myself inside the room.

Okay, that's enough for ramblings. have to get my ass on the assignments and books for tomorrow's test.

::kuanru:: signing off

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