Sunday, April 12, 2009

~ Exam Fever Is Here ~

You see, exam timetable is released. And it's the end of this month!! How can that be this fast? First, there's still one last presentation to go. Oh ya, talking about presentation, I had the worst presentation for my entire three years of studying in UTAR last saturday. It still affects my mood when i think about that.

No. 1, because I'm fully prepared for the presentation, but still, shoot by this 'favorite' tutor, which i swear, i will hate him for the rest of my life. No. 2, he's a degree holder, from UIA, if that is? University Islam Antarabangsa? Islam Antarabangsa? What's that? duh... and i swear, i'm going to finish my MASTER!! he's going to bend his head down when he sees me. No.3, the question asked by him is not clear, i don't even understand his question although he had repeated 3 times. Haloo, shouldn't you be changing the way of asking if you've repeated so many times, but nobody understands? Hmm.. Maybe it's my problem. I'm poor in analysing. Tight slap for self.

Hope that he won't put his feelings in giving the marks. Oh, I hate him..He's once my favourite tutor, i once love his subjects, but now, not anymore...

OK, back to the topic, Exams. 2nd, i've forgotten what i should say. Abaikan... Well, exams, my notes haven't arrange, and the table is still a mess. Another presentation this tuesday. Aiyoyo~ What should i do for the presentation?

*tadaa* Exam Timetable for April 2009

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

well... addoil addoil la.. guess will we meet back home~!! muahaha..

kuanru said...

hahaha...hope so la, alhamdullilah...:)