Monday, April 6, 2009

~ YAY!! Movie ~

Went for a movie at midvalley with the gang just now. Haven't been stepping into cinema don't know for how long. I've wanted to watch alot alot of movies, Western most probably, but we can only choose one, so Knowing that is. Starring Nicholas Cage. The synopsis of this movie can be found through googles.. I'm just too lazy to summarize. My main purpose for this post is to date down the time we went for a movie together.. ^^

Happy happy.. *clap hands and dance around*

It's been so so so long since we get around together. Too bad, money is the issue for me, if not we can go for lunch too, right? heehee... *slap self*

Well, Knowing makes me aware of the life span of our darling earth. How long can we live? How long can the earth stay? Arghh... I can't imagine what will it be to be the end of the world. And what will I do if i know that the world is coming to an end soon...

Hmm...everything have to come to an end one day...It's the matter of time anyway...Live life to the fullest, so yes, here I am, going to stretch potential to the max...

Final Rox

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

duh~~ you watched... and i'm still stucked here assessment-ing.... -.-"

kuanru said...

haha...we can watch again de mar..