Thursday, April 30, 2009

~ Exhausted ~

Two down, two more papers to go.. I did really very badly in my first paper.. It really makes me very down for the rest of the day. I suppose to have confident this paper, but i stupidly read wrongly, and the stupid part of me interpret the question wrongly, and hell, byebye 20 marks. I hate to be careless, running out of time, wasn't sure about the answers.. i hate it, i really hate it.

Then come tis second paper. Quite specific tips. Thank god. But still, I was afraid to go to bed, afraid that i will forget what i memorize the night before. Fortunately, the second paper was in the morning, so that i have got enough sleep after that.

Disorders and Physio.. So many many many things to do... Bless me!!!

::kuanru:: signing off *good luck guys*

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