Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ ANTM ~

I've just finished watching American Next Top Model Cycle 11 from Youtube. I'm loving youtube and P1Wimax. Say bye to snail pace connection. Bye!!! And, what the hell am i doing? I'm suppose to be studying, not watching youtube. I don't know, I'm just to addicted to it. Who will be the next to be eliminated. Although it's quite make sense that every episode i guessed it correctly. Haa.. Being a model wasn't as easy as i thought, wasn't it?

Some of my favorite girls from this cycle were Elina, Majorie, Samantha. I personally don't quite fond with McKay, but, she transformed alot from first episode to the last. She deserve it tho'. I love Elina the most. I don't know why. Haha... I love Tyra Banks too!! I'm going to get my hair cut like her.. =)

Yay, Elina

Marjorie: Her photos were so different from her personality.

Samantha: She was cute. Although she sometimes look bitchy.. But i love her.

McKey: Winner of ANTM Cycle 11. No comment

I haven't been watching reality shows for a lo-ong time. Oh ya, Nigel Barker is one of the reasons why i'm addicted to ANTM. He's Sexy....Don't believe.. here you go.

Got to get my ass stuck on my study table.. c ya..

::kuanru:: signing off *Hot*

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