Friday, May 15, 2009

~ Long Holidayz ~

What i did during this long holiday??? It's been a week. I've done nothing for a week.. Not to say totally nothing, but, besides looking for part time jobs in newspaper and some further studies procedures, i've done some 'meaningful' things too alright?


P.S. I Love You

which i think was not as good as what i've expected. I thought this was some very dramatic novel which will makes me cry... So far, I think only one book managed to make me cry, 'Message In The Bottle', by Nicholas Sparks. Thinking back, i don't really know what stimulate my tear glands. When i read it for the second time, i felt nothing. Same goes to P.S.I Love You. The beginning part of the story was rather sad, where the husband died, but it started off too soon. I haven't even develop the feelings towards the husband before he dies. I haven't finish it tho', but i think the whole story was about how Holly get on with her life without her husband. Sorry to say so, it's quite boring for me. Belated remorse to have bought this book. The title was sweet, so does the cover of the book. :)

Anyway, I bought it at MPH warehouse sales.


I'm a typical crouch potato, YES I AM. I know, my weight has been going up hill. Argh...sitting infront of my laptop every morning once i open my eyes, dramas, movies. 4 dramas, 10 movies. see? I can't say no to dramas ok? Reachable snacks in one hand, one chair infront of me to rest my legs, don't even bother what time and what day is it.. Can u imagine how life is? My room is still a mess... Drama first, don't care, 1 down, 3 more to go.. Let me rest ok.. I've been exhausted for the past 'n' weeks



I seriously need a part time job. I'm broke to death. After graduation trip i guess, i seriously have to start my job hunt.
University, Master... Aiyo~~how arr? Don't feel like continue studying so soon. But, how?? Some courses in mind, but i po pi po pi everything will be fine.. sun sun li li...

Thats all..

::kuanru:: signing off

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