Saturday, May 16, 2009

~ I'm So Sorry For Myself ~

Here goes:

Went to chow kit last night. You may ask Why, but i tell you, just for the sake to check out what is it like. Chow kit really is a red spot. The girls are really hot, and i don't think they wear bras, do they? Some of them were not pure girls, you know what i mean, but they have a much more slimmer and slender body than me.

Anyway, that's not the point, the point is, there were lorries selling tonnes and tonnes of durians. Mind you, it's DURIAN!! my favourite fruit. Who can ever resist a durian? Who? The smell is so nice until it makes my mind fresh. I know, high cholestrol, but i haven't been eating durian for like months. I miss durian so much. If there's a budu in front of me right now, it will be puuurfect!

We bought one and went home to have a sort of durian party. The colour of the meat of the durian is yellowish, very yellowish, and it have the looks that it have to be sweet. First bite, erm, it was not that sweet, just ok. But the beauty part of this durian is, the more you eat, the sweeter.

I have three of them. And mind you, it was 10pm. After eating, i'm really really full. Then, my mind started to do the calculation.

1 biji = 3 mankuk nasi
3 biji = 6 mangkuk nasi

Shit, i just have 6 bowls of rice (Cholestrol) at 10pm. What time can i sleep? I'm so sory for myself. I promise, no more next time. NEVER... and i seriously think that i need to do something about myself. I'm gaining weight each day. SHIT...
Let's go swimming, jom...
::kuanru:: signing off

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