Sunday, May 31, 2009

~ When I've Nothing To Do ~

I really am so free that i seriously think that i need to find something to do. But, i'm just lazy to step out of my house and away from my laptop. What to do?

Have been watching Emergency Unit this few days. I'm abit outdated, i know. The drama is really good, no wonder people are talking about it. I'm so emotional during the whole 30 episodes. Hate, Tears, Joy.... I hate Laughing (one of the character in the drama for those who haven't watch) in the beginning, and in the end got to know that he was actually a spy and died. Arghh.... This is what life is...

Novels, novels and novels again.. It's super enjoing to just lay down like a dead body reading novels. Haven't been really passing through the novels time for n years. At last, more novels into my shelves. Regretted for not buying more during the MPH warehouse sales. Pay Less Book store is not really selling their second hand books any cheaper.
Current novel: Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Aherm

Walks. Love to see people hanging around Bukit Bintang. Last night was wonderful. Two bossini tees again. 70% sales. One of the reasons why i love walking around KL is, they have whole year sales. I tink. Love cheap stuffs so much!! Another favourite place to walk, a park opposite Amcorp Mall. Nice....

Trips. Looking forward for trips, trips and more trips.....

::kuanru:: signing off

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