Thursday, June 25, 2009

~ I'm growing mushrooms.. ~

Do you know what i do when i'm really, really bored? and the connection is like snail...?
Here's some of the things that i can do..

1. Refresh facebook every 5 minutes
2. Re-watch movies found in my laptop
3. Reorganize the files in my latop
4. Clean my bedroom. Amazingly, tidying rooms really makes time move faster
5. Refresh facebook again
6. Sort out those clothes that i cannot wear or don't want to wear anymore
7. Wash the pile of clothes unil they are CLEAN!!!
8. Read the magazines that have been read...

I'm even lazy to think of what to add on to the list. See? My brain has not been functioning properly for almost a month.
Notice lot of good reviews on Transformer 2. Should watch it. But i don't really like robots. Since lot of them says it's nice, so i think i've to watch it.. :x then i won't have belated remorse again right? yes...

Anyway, have watched DaVinci Code..for the second time. hee... *saja wuliao*

It's time for Twilight again. Chaoz...

::kuanru:: signing off

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