Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~ Twilight ~

Watched Twilight two days ago. I know, how outdated i am. Tell you, it's a must watch movie.
My sis have been crazy about this movie and claimed to have watched it for n times. She can memorized those lines from the movie, downloaded the Twilight SAGA e-books and read it through her "super" IBM laptop, discussing the story with my brother and what i can do is to pretend not to listen. At last, i've watched it. Yay!! Awesome.. A love story of a vampire and a human.
And again, i feel like singing "it's a love story, baby just say...yes" :)
Edward Cullen (starring Robert Pattinson), is so so cute!! Don't believe me?

Dating on a treetop is so romantic :x

See? I won't tell lies. =) Sunken eyes...yay..

Got to go. Two post in a row..what the....

Argh.. gastric cramp.. if that's what it calls in english. Really gives me alot of sleepless nights.


::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

Muahaha... my laptop is super okay... duh.. only it dont bluetooth and can't detect wireless..bwaha!!

btw i din dl the ebooks la my friend give de..waka!!!

Nyway there's sth i really wanna point out.. it's EDWARD CULLEN which is super duper cute.. Robert Pattinson is like 'yuck!'


kuan ru said...

yea, i watched it from youtube..i think is Behind the scene of this Twilight. Why he had this messy hair for his interview? Don't get it. Oh ya, i think new moon movie is out leh..i think