Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~ Wonderful Weekends ~

Frequently asked question to the boyfriend ‘what are we going to do this weekend?’ Almost every weekends, we have to crack our head on what to do together, unless I’m not around KL. *winks*

Time Square? (we’re there almost every Sundays)
Somewhere nearer like Mid Valley, One U, or….?? (too boring)
Park? (we don’t need a weekend to go to a park)
Genting? (har…..)

Genting – City of Entertainment that is. With a little presents from Genting to the Gemini boyfriend, one free room, 2 tickets to DREAMZ (I’ve been longing for that show ever since the team came to Malaysia), and free K-lunch or K-dinner at Be A Star, we did SAVE a lot.

It was a well-planned journey this time. The excited us (or the more excited boyfriend – everyone knows what to do at Genting beside the theme parks if it’s not casino, and the cool breeze counts too) made our moves at 7am. Tried cable car route this time, which I swear, I won’t be using cable car again next time, unless necessary, it will still be my last resort tho’. I don’t know where my height phobia came from. Reached around 9am. Get the DREAMZ ticket, wristbands, and off to the theme parks.

First stop – the Beryls’ Chocolate Wonderland.

I make myself feels like Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland. Imagine Alice in Wonderland, with colorful mushrooms and flowers, pots and pots of chocolate (of course made of stones). Colorful stuff makes people happy, agree? Taking picture is a must.

Sorry, only me in the picture, so bare with it, kay? *wink*. The boyfriend prefers to remain anonymous. *big grin*. There’s a varieties of chocolates from Beryls’, from white to dark. Who can resist it?

Next, thrill rides, Spinner, Pirate’s Ship (if that’s what it’s called), Rollercoaster. Mentioned above, height phobias. I screamed all the way for every thrill rides, wanting to get off immediately. Scary, and lots of fun at the same time. Pictures with parrots, just for fun. Clowns. Fun fare games, whereby you throw balls or darts to try your luck. Musical fountain in the evening. Walking around Outdoor Theme Park around 7 to 8 with the lights on is my first time experience. The experience during the night is different from the day. I swear. *wink*

At night, Indoor Theme Park of course. DREAMZ at 9pm. Excited, excited, excited. Great live bands, dances are well choreographed, white tigers, white lions, magic, acrobatic performances, etc. I didn’t manage to take any photos of the animals, it cost RM60 per shot which I think it’s quite expensive. For me, the white lion is rather skinny than imagined, as I can saw his ribs even from the back of The Pavilion. A must watch show.

Later that night, a visit to the world of reality - casino. A lot of ‘picture’ or ‘black jack’ (mostly uncle shouting), ‘triak, triak, triak’ (sound of the chips), ‘ding, ding, ding’ (sound of the bell). Like the k-drama All In. I love it went they say ‘card for banker, card for player’, or ‘no bet please’, or the way they say those ‘magical’ terms. Although I don’t gamble, and don’t care whether it’s Roulette Wheel or Black Jack, I still love going to Casino, observing those people possessed by the ‘evil’ of wealth and so-call-luck.

Next day, breakfast at Vietnam House. I’m not going to say that the food is perfect, but I did not expect it to be that good.

Highly recommend the coffee with milk, and the popiah. The popiah skin is very much different from the Malaysia popiah skin. Vietnamese popiah is more Q. There’s this sauce to go with that popiah.

This coffee is kao (thick) enough. Kopi Kao Kao…

Had this bowl of Gu Bak Mee (Beef noodles). It was just Okay… Behind that was the legendary popiah.

The boyfriend had this fried rice with 3 cute fried bird eggs on top. He finished the food before I remembered to take the photo. Guess he’s hungry.

Have some games at Genting Hotel before we head back to Kay Ell. It’s a must to win back something from Genting.

Won this big prize by the boyfriend's lucky hands. *Big Big Grin*

Thanks for the wonderful weekends. :D

::kuanru:: signing off

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