Wednesday, July 1, 2009

~ Leave Me Alone ~

Suddenly, i feels like locking myself inside the closet.

As time pass, i feels the urge of tension coming towards me. I've been asking myself endlessly, 'ok, what next?'. It's July, i've been practically doing nothing for a month, besides those little stuff which i think useful. But after those 'useful' stuff, i'll be asking myself again, 'ok, what next?'.
Parents have been 'encouraging' me to do my postgrad at Australia. But the fee is not cheap compared to the locals. I know, the value of the cert is different. So? When people see certificate from Australia, like University of XXX, they will go 'oooh and ahhh', when people see certificate from Malaysia, like Universiti XXX (note the 'y' and 'i' of university), i think they'll just ignore although both of them were certified Master Degree. Agree?

That's why.

I totally agree that it's better to have experience out there. I want to. I'm still young and lots of opportunity. But halo, the fee is 4 or 5 times more expensive than local U's, plus the loan i owe, the installment, with the salary of a fresh grad. You see...? My concern? Those uncles and aunties will say, why not go Aus? My daughter or my son, or whose daughter or whose son were studying there, they were good. But, that is Degree. See? They pay for once, and get a paper same level as mine, and people were bugging around. And now i realize, why people have chose twinning programme in the first place.

Okay, right now, I've decided, local U's that is. After one and a half year, get some working experience, do my PhD or another Master Degree oversea, or have a work or whatever there, for a year. Experience huh...makes me nuts.

Micheal Jackson's 'You're Not Alone' used to work on me, but now? not anymore. Guess he brings the song away from me together with him.

::kuanru:: signing off

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