Saturday, July 11, 2009

~ Halitosis ~

I’m now superly pissed off, if there’s other more powerful words to replace super? You’re welcome to give suggestions. Please allow me, mchcb@#$%^&...

*feeling better, thank you*

I have had enough with people who’ve halitosis (it’s a metaphor here), no offence. Halitosis, introduced by one of my former tutor, to describe one who’v'd bad mouth, who likes to humiliate others publicly or secretly. That’s what happened to me today, or in fact, always.

Okay, I need to know how to handle these people, no matter who they are, relatives, fiends, non friends, strangers or what so ever. FYI, my friends won’t humiliate. Parents and siblings won’t. Why should a stranger humiliates me, if they do, who cares???

I know, low education, and again, no offence here, is not an excuse. Some people just love to mix with the elites, and they should know the rules. Oops, I’m not an elite, that’s why. Now I know the reason.

I can’t slap them on their face or humiliates back or do anything impolite, can I? Is there any revenge in a polite way? Of course besides blogging it out, which doesn’t seems to be any polite?

I’m so pissed off with this kind of people. How long am I going to face them?

::kuanru:: signing off

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