Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~ I miss you ~

3am. Alone. In a room. And, I miss you.

I know, I shouldn't. But, I can't help myself. Again!! Alot of time, i asked myself, 'why should i do this to myself?' No answer to this.

Once upon a time, u filled up my life with laughter and stories, u phoned everyday just to say hi, u told me that you're happy and proud upon my success, and u promised to make it once a week.

But, it's just months away. And, everything had changed. A drastic change.. We are not once we were anymore. Perhaps, we should be how we are back then. At the beginning. I've gone too far. I admit. It's clear that this is a dead end relationship. But again, i can't help myself. The memories are still fresh in mind. From day one we met each other.

Law of attraction had once worked. But it seems to had lost it's magical power. No matter how hard i've tried, it doesn't seems to work. My phone won't ring with your name appear on the screen anymore.

I've promised myself to let go, and I have to...

Pictures fade away, but memories are forever.

Dear God, please give me strength to move on...thank you!!

::kuanru:: signing off


mello said...

All it takes is time. You'll be okay. Just hang in there.

PS - I like your header (:

kuan ru said...

Thanks mello. Time will heals the pain. :)