Sunday, August 23, 2009

Being an elite

What is it like to be on the tip of the triangle?

FYI, upper part of the triangle are the ELITES, and bottom part of the triangle are the LABORS

I’m curious. Millions and millions of people were trying hard to get to the tip of the triangle, or trying to be at least among the upper part of the triangle. Being a social butterfly, being in clubs and societies, carry LV or Loewe, Burberry or Blackberry, speaking ‘fluently’ in Eng-e-lishy, trying to look like English educated even tho they are not.….

Tsk tsk tsk…

They were trying to look like him....

or her...

Why do you have to ‘look’ rich, instead of ‘being’ rich? U look rich outside, but u’re so poor inside. Too many, I’ve seen too many this ‘kind’ of people. They just twist and turn around you.

For example, “Let’s go eat mamak!” “Mamak? Dun1 la, why not go Coffee Bean instead” Duh….Guess who’s trying to look rich here. See? I don’t mind if you’re rich yourself, but if you’re not, please don’t try to be one.

It gets annoying sometimes, and it gets even frustrated when people starts to compare YOU with THEM. Why can’t people just BE THEMSELVES?

No offends. But I’m too tired of it. I don’t mind being as normal as possible, as ordinary as possible, as long as, I know what makes me happy. It definitely makes me happy to yumcha at mamak with roti canai and tehtarik, instead of Frappucino or Cappucino at Starbucks.

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

yay~ I support mamak. Cheap and can sit there for loooong hours chat until our mugs got refilled by our own saliva.. wakaka~

Nyway, occasional Starbucks and Coffeebean will be nice, IF someone else is willing to pay. (lulu get the hint!)

lolz. Okay I'm poor in and out. Yay~ at least I don't act rich. pfft.

kuan ru said...

Aiya..if i'm rich enough i'll surely belanja u la..let's go out this weekend if you're freeee...i'm kampung girl too ok, a not-rich-kampung-girl. :):)