Monday, August 24, 2009

Job Hunting

Job hunt!!

Job hunt!!

Job hunt!!

Is there any job that fulfill these criteria?
  • Part time with flexible time
  • Easy access to public transport
  • That interest me
I'm really, really interested in a few jobs, but too bad, the location is either too far, or there will be no public transport to take me there. How i wish i had a car NOW!!!! I don't care whether it's SLK or not, as long as i can reach there easily.

My experience through my internship.
Location: OUG, Old Klang Road
By public transport: 2 hours
By car : 10-15 minutes

See? See how inefficient our public transport is?

The opportunity just slip through between my fingers. *sigh*

If I were rich enough... if

::kuanru:: signing off


Cassandra Juan said...

That is the reason y i dunwan to work in msia and stay there anymore, the public transport is damn SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Finger cross that my wish will come true.

kuan ru said...

haha..good luck to you!! :)