Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Convocation.. ~

Graduation mood is officially turned off.

I’ve been busy preparing for this big day, as if it was my wedding day. First of all, getting my wedding gown (graduation robe), and the wedding veils (mortal board) from the bridal studio (UTAR). Next getting my wedding heels (black court shoes) and night gown (blazer and slack pants).

And… the big day had finally came. Big thanks with hugs and kisses for the fresh bouquet of flowers from papa and mummy all the way from Kota Bharu, another big hugs and kisses to my darling brothers and sisters who’ve made it to my convocation, and big big hugs and kisses to the bf who said he couldn’t made it at first but managed to make it at last, and also able to witnessed my moment on stage through live telecast. Love you guys to death…

The photographers and the emcees, the stage, which I’ve paid ‘professionals’ to deal with, the guest of honor, the guests, and all the brides and grooms (graduands), who had made my wedding (convocation) such a success.


Living in my own world once in a while doesn’t matter right? :D

Have been loving lilies for my entire life. I've got it from my mama.. Thanks mummy who've chosen carefully these bunch of varieties of flowers. I'm loving it. It's refreshing to see two bouquets of flowers set beside my bed the first thing i open my eyes. The fragrance of both lilies and roses filled the room, and makes my day so wonderful. This just indicates the love that i've received is more than enough.

Although fresh flowers won’t last long, but the meaning behind fills my precious moments with laughter and long last memories. I’m so touched to see everyone that I loved, and everyone who love me, trying to fulfill my every wish to make me happy, to make this day wonderful. I’d rather have red roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. I'm so blessed. I'm really are... I'm the most pampered girl on earth..!!!

Thank you, for loving me.

::kuanru:: signing off

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