Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ you'll know it when you see this ~

It's this season of the year again.

I love August, and i love this time of year, and should I say, i love autumn too? FYI, it's just spring and summer here..hmph. It's mooncake festival again!! which means, my birthday is around the corner!!! :) My birthday falls on the exact day of the mooncake festival last year, but it's not this year. But still, i love this season. Well, i don't know why, maybe it's because we use to gather around having mooncake parties when we were young. We have not been having this kind of party ever since god-knows-when.

I love mooncakes, especially with the egg yolk!! Double yolks is the best!! who can resist it? i know, some don't really like yolks, but who cares about the theory of colestrol and the maths of calories if it's so delicious, right? That's why i consistently fails my diet plan.

Remembered last year, mummy was so kind to have collected a tupperware of only-yolks-without-lotus for me. I love mooncake with yolks, and i used to save the yolks for the last. I don't mind eating the yolks without lotus, it still satisfy me anyway.

Although mooncake festival falls on october 3rd this year, i've started eating mooncake. And again, thanks to mummy for the mooncakes from Tai Tong!
Tai Tong mooncake is not very sweet like other mooncakes i've tried before. Mooncake is always the best to go with cups of tea.

I'm so gonna celebrate mooncake festival this year!! It's 3/10. Remember!!!!!!

::kuanru:: signing off

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