Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Childhood Friends

There's one time, i went to my cousin's place, his son was watching Sesame Street. His son was at starting-to-learn-to-talk age. This little boy, likes to watch elmo, and he knows how to say L-mo, in a very cute way.
I heart Elmo!!

Sesame Street is my childhood friend.

Who doesn't know Sesame Street?

It was my favorite show on TV. Mummy used to tape record it so that we can watch repeatedly. I kinda made Bert and Earnie my imaginary friend *blush* Ooh, i love my mummy, always feeding us with varieties of nice kiddie shows during that time.

Sesame Street is still famous until now, although Ben-Q have somewhat win a lot of the boy's heart.

Here's some photos to recall back the memory, in case some of you have forgotten what Sesame Street is.

These were the cupcakes from Kenna.blogspot

How I wish I were 6 all the time.

This is still the best and my all-time education kiddie show i would say.

::kuanru:: signing off

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