Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FB Games Evolution

Have been a facebook member since Year 2 of my Uni life. It starts off quite boring, and the games are so lame. Let me see. The first game i played was, if i'm not mistaken, Fluff Friends. It was a hot during that time, whereby we pat each others pet, betting in a race..lalala... It looks something like this.

But it was different few years back

Then, new games came out.

And people started to play Pet Society,

and then, Restaurant City.

Then, Barn Buddy.

Then, there's Farmville, which is my mummy's love.

And today, i joined this application with cuter characters, Country Story.

I am so obsessed playing facebook games. And I guess alot of people are the same. Mummy once phoned me to help me look after her farm because she'll be away from home for 2 days. = =" and now, her level is higher than mine. Go mummy, go.

See, after years, the games get more interesting, and the graphic gets more real, and we become 'social butterfly' in the world of the games, agree?

Facebook, another real world.

::kuanru:: signing off


manpreet sekhon said...

Aman Toor
it is realy very nice blog,

kuan ru said...

thanks alot!!! :)