Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why oh Why

Below are some angry post. You know what to do, just click on the X button at the edge of the window if you can't accept it.

The fakers, the boast-ers (as for people who are boastful, and i mean, alot), the show-off-ers, the prouds and arrogants, the back stab-ers. Argh..even naming them makes me mad. Why are these people so mean? Why? Why? Why? I SUPER hate, when i use the word super, it means, it's about to reach my limit, and i can't guarantee how long can i be that patient.

I don't care. To those who are so irritating, please don't come bugging me asking me those fake questions which i feels like throwing up and running away. When i turn my head away in front of you, please don't call my name, PLEASE. I turn my head away is because i don't feels like talking to you or even seeing our face or hearing your voice. I even wanted to puke seeing you smiling at me. I don't want. Please. Take back everything you gave me. Please... It's evil. It's wicked. Leave me alone. Please.

And please stop being a 2-faced person. It irritates me. Very much. You're so god damn evil. MCHCB....

A question to proposed: Why do God creates this world with disaster, that kills many? With illness and sadness? Why must it have the evil ones? And why are the evil ones are monopolying the good ones? (Hopfully my question is not offencing, I'm just asking this question out of my curiosity. Looking for an answer) Thank you.

::kuanru:: signing off.

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