Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and then i realize...

how lucky am I...

Yes... Don't show off, right?

Ok, soli...

But, i'm too happy... what to do?

Have been to Genting again. I know. I'm a great supporter of Genting. Lalala... A little bit of luck from the bf, and the trip is free. :D

And then, off we headed north to Ipoh. And realized, a lot of hidden goodies. Well, I've tried Nga Choy Gai (Bean sprout chicken) with my family before, so, it's not a must for me.

So, we tried the so-called famous DimSum at Ming Court. Heard that it has been on TV before, so I guess it's good, and then I saw Ah Xian's picture and Ho Chiak!'s logo, and the full house although it's a weekday, that make me double confirm that it must be really damn good.

Very satisfied with the food. If not because I'm not very hungry at that time, I may have order everything they have. But too bad, I went there with tummy filled. I'm so going to go there again, with an empty stomach next time.

Price wise, it's not that expensive, compared to KL. And the food is fresh...nom nom nom...

I'm too busy eating that's why I've forgotten to take photos. Anyway, no pictures taken for the whole trip. Other wise, I may have show you how good the food is, and how fresh the prawns are.

And also have tried the legendary Ipoh White Coffee. It's really yummy... or i should describe it as soft. It's a little bit different from Old Town, I don't know why. But it smells better. And the price is very cheap.

One thing good about Ipoh is, the food is good and the price is cheap. But it's an old town i guess, because I saw a lot of old buildings, make me think of my hometown.

A few caves visited on our way back, fascinated with the creation of nature, and the cave is so cooling. The weather is so hot, which makes me reluctant to leave the cave. Wanted to take some photos, but my dear w800 are taking low quality pictures nowadays that makes me really fed-up sometimes.

So, I've decided to save for a Sony camera. :)

And now, I think I have sunburn on my lips.

Which is why,

I'm putting cucumber on my lips. It's so cooling.

The end of my haolian post. :D Laoniang is happy, what to do. Sorry for the haolian. :)


::kuanru:: signing off

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