Friday, October 9, 2009

apology for the last post my last post makes myself feel so childish. SO SORRY!!! That's the consequences of being too free.

What's that with the title 'Stupid Selfish People'. I wonder what makes me come out with that idea. True enough that selfish people are god damn ass stupid and annoying, but my last post... =="

Being so free today makes me think of many real silly stuffs. That's why I hate to be so free. Just one day, and i'm going crazy.

Being busy is always so much better than having nothing to do. Lalala... slap me if you want to, people... :D I prefer classes, classes and more classes, or works, works and more works, or traveling, traveling and more traveling. *tight self slap*

I know, when these days come, I would ask for otherwise. See? People never seems to satisfy, right?

Anyway, going to get myself busy again.

Looking forward for weekend. Can't wait...

::kuanru:: signing off

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