Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hola.. 2:45am, i'm just awake.

A tired day, and I can't feels my leg yet.

Anyway, not to mention it again and again, but seriously, rapid kl bus sucks. I've waited for the bus AGAIN for like an hour. and FYI, it's suppose to be one day ticket for the past three years (means we paid once, and we get to use the transport for the rest for the day), and now, we have to pay the fare everytime we get on the bus. But I don't see any improvements. Why ahh???

But kudos to rapidkl lrt, I seems to like it more and more, and it seems to improve. :D Lurve.

Anyway, I've a lot of things that I wanted to do. Again, I'm a procrastinate-or, remember?
1. Take up violin courses
2. Study. Taking up more short courses since I'm still available.
3. Stock up novels.
4. Would like to change the blog skin but i sucks at HTMLs.

Mummy's bday is near. What should I do this year... hmm...

Looking forward for trip to Genting, again. People are going Taiwan, I'm going Genting. Not bad too... :D
And I need money, lots of them....

End of post.. Lalala

::kuanru:: signing off


-kuanpeng- said...

eh bersyukur lah go genting.. zzz... you wan come live in forest and have a lifetime experience oso can.. while you are available.. nyehehe~~


kuan ru said...

hahaha....live in forest oso nice..nice environment, nice curry food..hmm....u oso hve to bersyukur to live there....