Sunday, October 4, 2009

brand new me

I'm hypnotizing myself not to look back. NEVER!!!

and i did it!!

Things are getting better. A lot better. And I'm really happy with it.
I've finally put down a big bundle of unnecessary burden, which is suppose to be off my shoulder thousands of years ago. And i felt a lot lightened up.

At times, I still reminisced the time we had. Who can forget that so easily, right? After all 5 years is not really a short period of time. But the sour ones always shaken me up, and realize that i should have done it a lot earlier.

Well, if he's going to the right, I'm going to the left. There's nothing called back to normal friend. That's it. If he's just a friend, he'll be a sweet buddy (but for now, i don't think he'll ever be a sweet buddy again).

I'm so glad of what I've had now. Putting down the past and move on. I've to admit that it's hard. But, I've learn my lesson very well.

'Don't cry in love. Because for those you cry for are not worth crying over, and those who love you will never let you cry!' I truly believe it.

Well, it's a shame that I've took such a long time to finally put everything behind. *boo me if you want to, I'm in a good mood nyway, hee* And I'm glad that I've always had someone going along with me all the way.

A brand new me.

::kuanru:: signing off

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