Saturday, October 31, 2009

i'm just so blah...

I don't feel like putting words into sentence, sentences into paragraph. so...

* i don't know who to turn to when i feel like talking to someone, besides the bf.

* i believe that when they've trouble they'll come all the way to you, crying and crying, but after problem solved, bye-bye, can't see even a hallo or how are you, or even a shadow.

* what is there to show off if you have a bf/gf, or whether you're bi/homo/hetero? I don't get it, this seems like happening around these few years. ==" what is the point of talking out loud what you and your honey did yesterday? super sweat ==" Announce in the newspaper then.

* feels good to get compliments. who doesn't, right? i even dreamt about it. thanks to my bosses. :D

* well, my favorite quote for the week, "if you still don't get what you want or what you dream for, ask yourself whether you've work hard for it". I came out with this because i see a lot of people complaining why they still not get what they want, but i see they've put in no effort. ==" and the worst thing is, they don't realize it. super =="

* two face people. need i say more?

-the end-

::kuanru:: signing off


Tina T said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I really like your favorite quote for the week. It's true, when we really look at most things we're not achieving it is because we haven't worked long enough and hard enough yet.

kuan ru said...

You're welcome, and thanks for your visit too.

People are not achiving things is because they're stepping on the same spot without moving forward, they're just dreaming to achieve the goal instead of taking action to move forward to the goal.