Thursday, October 29, 2009

a question that i seriously wanting to know the truth

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Please help me to answer this..

It's a very long story, please be patient:

I've been looking for part time job, which have all, or at least one from the criteria i've mentioned in the previous post <click>. One day I saw this ad posted on a website which I can't remember.

Wah, work from home! My favorite working spot, no need travel here and there, waiting for lame public transport. Some more monthly income RM1000-RM4000. Not bad.

So, I emailed the job poster and asked for more details about the job and the nature of the company. Of course, we've to know what job and company we're applying, right?

The first reply I received from them doesn't mentioned anything about their company or the job offered, they only asked whether I'm looking for a full time or part time. I asked again about the job and company. Again, they didn't answer my question, they only told me that their job scope is customer support and servicing.

Ok lah, at least I know what job I'm applying for, but to what company, is still a question mark. Until the third email, at least something, they replied me saying that they are from an International Company.

My first reaction is, "walao@, nia de, international company no name one ah?!? so mysterious for what? After 3 emails still not yet reveal." Then they ask me to attend an interview at this Raja Chulan (which is alien to me, i don't know where it is, at this Wisma Lim Foo Yong), some more 1:45 sharp.

Out of my curiosity, I asked them which company should I look for when I'm there (FYI, I'm serious for this job, but there are so many question marks in my head). And still, in their reply, they DID NOT mention anything about the company, and told me to call them when I reached there.

Walao@, who will attend a so-call-interview without knowing anything about the company? Weird. I decided to turn down their interview and email them and said I'm not going to turn up at the interview because i don't know anything about the company.

They replied:

"No problem, we're only looking for serious people to work with. If you're serious, then be there on Saturday or else do not reply anymore. Just to let you know, our company is an international company. It has been in the industry for 29 years and have branches in 70 countries"

Nia de, even the last reply still did not mention their company name, only mentioned they've 29 years of history and it's over 70 countries.

Thanks to google, i typed this into the search box:

International Company - 29 years - 70 countries

and click "pages from Malaysia"

And the result that i get:

Nia de, Herbalife, need to be so mysterious or not. Not that I don't know about this company. =="

So, ladies and gentlemen, my question is, no offends:


-the end-

I appreciate and welcome every comment. Domo arigato gozaimatsu!!!

::kuanru:: signing off


Cassandra Juan said...

Yea, those MLM company will not straight away post their company name cos they knew that ppl will never come to approach and apply for it, sigh~

kuan ru said...

Yaleh~ Like shitty loh that person. So mysterious duno for what, luckily i din go for the so-called interview, if not i'l regret until vomit, sumore so far away..