Thursday, October 8, 2009

stupid selfish people

Sometimes, we have to learn to be selfish.

Who knows whether they are genuine or not?
Who knows whether they are treating you the way you're treating them?
Who knows what's in their mind, right?

I have to learn to be selfish. People doesn't care about you, so why you bother anyway?

No one will appreciate, even the one that you think they will... turns out to disappoint you the most.

So, it's better to keep everything to yourself rather than spilling it to the one you think you trusted the most.

Sometimes, when you think that speaking out is the only way to release everything inside, you turn to them thinking that they will be there for you whenever you need them, bla bla bla... but in the end, what they do is to avoid you, leaving you in the cold. So bad isn't it?


What if they have trouble and turns to you for your help? Will you help? After the nasty stuff they've done to you?

I don't know...


Stupid selfish people, whom i'm going to learn to be one.

::kuanru:: signing off


Tracy said...

I know what you mean.
When we are nice and people take advantage, it hurts.

I guess the best thing to do would be to avoid such selfish people and find others who deserve to be your friend =)

kuan ru said...

@ Tracy: Thanks for the comment. How I wish to avoid these people. But we won't know if they're selfish or not, because it wasn't written on their face, so we'll only know it when we've learn the lesson, got it? Heehee... :)