Thursday, November 19, 2009

people won't come to you for no reason

emo. emo. emo.

it's hard to accept the fact that, people don't come to you for no reason.

Fact #1
one day, received a call from a long lost friend. very happy. she's good. asking about life planning. until she came to a point, to talk about insurance.

Fact #2
i'm not a problem collector. i need someone to talk to, too. but i can't seems to find any. he is the only one understand me too well, but he's not 24-7 available. they said, how can u release if u kept everything inside? but the problem is, who should i spill out to?

Fact #3
people, how many are there who're trust-able? or is there any? of course beside the close ones.

so lame, so tired of guessing what people are thinking.

sienz ++"

xoxo, kuanru

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