Monday, November 23, 2009

this is how Malaysia going towards corruption free country?

Story between me, the bf, and the police.

Apparently, being a good citizen as I am, was not involved. And, I was so surprised at how Malaysia police ask for duit kopi. I heard a lot, and it's quite famous already actually, but I never know how.

This happened yesterday, as I was out with the bf to his workplace to get some things done. Well, we were just 5 minutes drive away from the petrol station, so, the bf save the trouble to fasten the seat belt. Oklah, his fault, for being a lazy bum. The police has the right to stop him.

But, surprisingly, this actually is how the police ask for a cup of tea.

Policeman : You tak nak belanja i ke?

The bf : Macam mana belanja? Kerja buruh saja. (Luckily the bf is driving a lousy car, so it's believable).

Wah~~ Rupa-rupanya beginilah polis Malaysia cari side income.

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