Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 is coming to an end. I welcome 2010 with open arms. Good things are on their way...

Lessons in 2009:

Lesson learnt #1: They don't come to you for no reasons. Very well learnt. Indeed. You HAVE to be for them when they need you, when they need someone to talk to, with their sympathetic hint, either vocal, eye contact, body language, etc, blah.. But, after their problem solved, you're no where in their mind. No where. I'm not problem solver, i'm not problem collector, and FYI, i've my problems too.

Lesson learnt #2: The person you trusted the most might not be someone that's really trustable. I'm not talking about the bf, if you're guessing whether it's him or not, no, he's still the only one there for me when i needed someone the most. When i'm happy, sad, feels emo, desperate, mood swings, feels like nagging, scolding... he's still there, making up jokes, giving me full of encouragement, with me all along~~ *hearts* I'm talking about someone else.

Lesson learnt #3: BFF? Still...

Lesson learnt #4: Never treat a person so whole heartedly. Being betrayed doesn't feels good in anyway, remember? Especially by your once-knew-best-friend. Duh~ I've learnt that, they'll not treat you as how you treat them, so...

Lesson learnt #5: Be on your own feet. Never be too dependable. Be a grown up. Think and act like one. Nobody's gonna make any decision for your future. It's rediculous~

Tired of listing. I've learnt a lot of things, and it's gonna be a whole new me. I don't have to wait till 2010, i'm transforming into a new me. :) For those who thought they knew me, I'm telling you now, i'm not the 'me' you know anymore, so don't take anything for granted, i don't care who you are anymore. *shoo*

::kuanru:: signing off

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