Monday, January 11, 2010


task #n, checked. What's next?

Looking at my table calender, it has been quite hectic since 1st of jan, 2010, and will be for the rest of the year i think.

feels like going home when i'm too busy to can't even breath properly, or forgot to breath because of very-pack- schedule that have to be met every now and then.

Back to:
  • keeping track on thesis, which i don't like thesis, with all the reliability and literature reviews, means that i've to stay in the library finding all the literature, again,
  • keeping track of my accounts so that i'm not running out of money, and have a stable 'income',
  • keeping track of student's progress. Find it quite relaxing to see how naive these kids are, and one of the 4-years-old and 6-years-old brother and sister were actually singing Tick Tock to me, without music, and Bad Romance, and some other clubbing songs which I don't even know, FYI, they're not kiddy songs... What the, kids don't sing twinkle twinkle little stars anymore, don't they? They're still a bunch of lovable kids tho'
First post on 2010, feels like changing blog skin, i still haven't figure out how to change the background color with the same layout, will figure out after i've finish all my work in hand.

So many pending novels, magazines and dramas...

I want to go home~~

::kuanru:: signing off

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