Friday, December 4, 2009

you have my words

too many things happened, helpless, hopeless, until i came to a point thinking that i can trust no one in this world, besides my family.

one day, out of my stupidity, i asked the bf, 'should i trust you'.

he, looked into my teary eyes, and said 'you have my word, every word i've said'.

still, he knows me the best, always, he knew what's going on with me, what i'm going through, and he's the ONLY one, supporting and giving me backups throughout the hiccups. *it rhymes, backups, hiccups*

i'm not going to showoff about him, but still, giving up the past, leaving the sad memory behind, not even taking the good ones from the past, might not seems so bad after all. Being betrayed doesn't feel good in anyway, tho'.

The beginning of new life, the beginning of meeting new people, and i'm starting to love it.

::kuanru:: signing off

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