Sunday, January 17, 2010

bah...get lost

Thank you, for showing me once again, the true you.

when i started to trust in you again, you, turn me down. AGAIN!!

Stupid me, to accept you again in my life.

I should had know that, the theory is this easy : People just want to get what they want from you, and when they've got it, they'll turn their back on you, anytime, without you even notice it.

Why do you come back? I've almost deleted 90% of you in my memory, and then, you came back, and now, you're gone.

Ok, ok, once again, from the start, i've to delete you from my memory again, bit by bit, crunch by crunch

Please, get away from me.... I really don't need you, i don't need your concern, because it sounded fake.

Bah~~ just G.E.T. L.O.S.T.

thank you.

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